About Us

ALDAG aims to support all young adults with learning disabilities to ensure they are provided with the opportunities to lead fulfilling lives within their local community.


So that they may:


  • Develop independence

  • Enjoy social opportunities

  • Holiday with friends

  • Go to work

...and have fun!


We are a registered charity based in Ashtead, Surrey focusing on the needs of young adults with learning disabilities. If you are interested in our work, would like to become involved or know someone who could benefit from our activities please get in touch with us.


Supported Employment

We provide voluntary work opportunities for adults with a learning disability living in the Surrey area; for some people this will provide a long term job and for others will provide a stepping stone to paid employment.


Everyone needs friends and through all our social activities we aim to support our young members in maintaining friendships that they have developed and to build new ones in a supportive environment.  

Social Opportunities

Our History

In 1998 the seed of ALDAG was planted by a small group of parents and friends looking to develop social opportunities for young people with learning disabilities living in Ashtead.


Conquerors Club was started and rapidly developed from a core group of 8 teenagers to the 35 people enjoying the club today. 


We are fortunate enough to have a fantastic, devoted team of trustees, find out what inspired them to get involved with ALDAG here: