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Craft Workshop 

Well, we were all set up to go……and then the pandemic. Unfortunately, we have not been able to start our recycling craft project but we are ready to go with volunteers in place! Our craft workshop is situated in Phoenix House in Ashtead just next to the railway station with easy access for young people. It links to our Re Use It shop ethos as an upcycling and craft workshop providing a different type of work experience and set of skills.

Our craft workshop will focus on producing upcycled goods and craft products using recycled items, whilst learning new craft skills as well as providing a valuable social activity. Skills may include creative techniques as well as practical applications such as woodwork or assembling three -dimensional materials and becoming proficient in tool handling. 


Another very important aspect, especially as a consequence of Covid, is the mental health benefit of social activities that contribute to the development of confidence and self-esteem, help to reduce anxiety, promote a sense of accomplishment and encourage improved memory, concentration as well as problem solving – all of which may be addressed through crafting.

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