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Bowling Night

The new group for teens and twenties set off to a flying start on Wednesday March 15th, when a group of 11 young people, along with some parents, spent an enjoyable evening at the bowling alley. Everyone was divided into 3 groups to play and we all had a great time – we have some brilliant players. During the bowling the parents enjoyed the opportunity to go off and chat to each other in the café.

Jonni, aged 20 years said, "I had a great time. I really expected to win. I didn't win but it didn't matter. I met Giles and that was a big surprise. I was at school at West Hill with him. I hadn't seen him for a lot of years. I was surprised he was so tall."

Vikki, mother of Alex said, "It was really valuable to meet with other parents, to share experiences and learn from them."

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