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Cafe ALDAG Christmas party

Cocktail dresses, glitter, dinner jackets, Christmas gear ... it was all there twinkling under Tyrells Wood’s lovely décor. Some forty guests and members thronged the bar and then made the very most of the chef’s Christmas fare. Dee went on to say how very much she had appreciated and enjoyed working over the years as Cafe Trustee for ALDAG. Fiona then took over and much to Dee’s surprise, again with members assistance, presented Dee with goodbye gifts and flowers saying how great Dee had been, how much she was loved by all the members and volunteers and how much she would be missed! Dee gave her thanks with hugs all round and then led everyone onto the dance floor to throw a few moves to Alex and Heather’s disco - especially YMCA.......a fitting farewell to a lovely lady who has done so much for the members and ALDAG.

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