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On a lovely sunny and warm June evening a small group of Conquerors members went to Horton Parks Jungle Island Adventure Golf course.

We kicked off with the evening’s first hole-in-one, at the first Tee!!! Fantastic! One of our members is used to the proper sized golf course at Tyrrells Wood, so his first swing was so powerful, that the ball went off the course and nearly went into the carpark - my husband who is used to finding golf balls in the rough, found it again and play resumed.

It was an even game and everyone did so well. Good job I was left to keep the score cards and caddying (carrying everyone's handbags) otherwise I would have lowered the standards dramatically! In the end it was a shared top score closely followed by everyone else only a few shots behind.

At the last two holes, we speeded up a little, just to give us enough time to enjoy a well deserved drink and ice cream in the café, before they closed for the evening - a super summer’s evening out.

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